Friday, November 13, 2009

Text opening all funky

So I have been spending some time lately developing curriculum lessons to use when I demonstrate the AVerPens. I put a lot of work into them so that they embody the points that I want to make with a particular audience. I get it to look nice and professional. Then I transfer it from my big screened iMac over to my MacBook that I travel and demo with. It never fails that when I open it, some of my text fields are all scrunched up, some are not even there and others look.....well, terrible.

If this has happened to you, well then you know the frustration. Sometimes this even happens when I create them on my MacBook and then open it the next time. Then there is the case of creating it on a Mac then opening it in a Windows environment or vice versa. Ok....we are working on some fixes to aid this situation. But what it boils down to is there is a text issue and a text field issue.

In that, I mean the text issue is common in PowerPoint, Smart Notebook and other cross platform slide tools. It is that the fonts on one computer where you create your lesson are not present on the other computer. So understand this issue and try to use the common fonts that are on most computers in either platform. The other is the size of the text field that you create to put your text into.

We tend to keep things tight and orderly when we created worksheets and slides. So we try to make our text field, the box around the text with the pull handles and dots, snug up close to the text itself. If you do this, chances of truncating your text will be great. Try keeping a little wiggle room around your text with the text box.

Here are a few recommendations pulled from Microsoft site on PowerPoint:

· Watch your fonts. Check Format, Replace Fonts to see what fonts are used in your presentation. You can safely count on Arial, Times New Roman, Courier and Symbol being present on most Macs. Tahoma and Verdana will probably be present on any PC with Office installed, but may not be present if the Mac has only the free PowerPoint Viewer. Mac versions of PowerPoint can't use embedded fonts.

· Don't squeeze your text too tightly into placeholders. Font substitution and slight differences in text rendering on Mac vs PC can cause your text to get truncated or spill out of too-tight text boxes.

I hope this helps you as you journey through the AVerPen and AVer+ learning curve.


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