Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AVerPen Q and A

Hi Everyone!

I just had the opportunity of having Tom Pisano visit my classroom and present us with a set of AVerPens yesterday. He did a great little lesson for my first grade class, and got them very excited about using them! He also gave me a rundown of the features of the AVerPens.

I created a lesson yesterday after school which I had the students try today. The only problem I ran into was that the kids had a hard time selecting some of the text boxes to manipulate. I had several text boxes which they had to click and drag to pair rhyming words. I don't know how to snap the frame of the text boxes closely around the letters of the words. The excess space in the text box often overlaps the other text boxes, making it hard to select a word (if it's stuck underneath) without having to move the text box on top of it. Any suggestions? I appreciate any help I can get on this one. (I haven't read any instructions/seen any tutorials.)

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  1. Good Morning Karen! Thanks for the kind words!

    In regards to your post: Once you create a text box, add the appropriate text, highlight the text and while highlighted use your pointer tool to shrink the text box up closer to the text. If you try this without highlighting the will actually make the font smaller.

    The first version of our shipping AVer+ software for both Mac and Windows is now final and will be posted to our downloads page on our web site by next week. I will announce via this blog and emails as to when it is actually posted. This new software will take away some of the "land mines" that we have been dealing with in our various beta versions.

    With that said, you will also be notified that a new final shipping set of pens will be coming to you for the replacement of the engineering samples you have been using thus far.

    Stay tuned!!!

    Tom Pisano